Our student services department offers assistance to foreign students wishing to study at the Academy

Student Services


Our main goal is to ensure opportunities for development and professional growth for students.
For this reason, the Academy is committed to ensuring high quality courses, offering initiatives to support the right to study, introducing technological innovation in the use of information systems and work tools, support job search and student mobility, both in Italy and at European and international level. The aim of the Academy’s proposal is to meet the needs of market demand for Higher Education and Vocational Training in all areas related to new technologies and new professions in the sector.

The Academy has always been committed to creating a stimulating learning and teaching environment, with the operative headquarters “at the state of the art” and to give students the opportunity to achieve high-level skills and competences to improve their role in the labour market.
For this reason, it pays great attention to the quality of academic life by offering support services to study and initiatives aimed at student growth including:


The Institute offers students intensive courses in English and Italian so that all students can actively participate in classroom teaching.


The Academy provides multiple services for students, providing assistance for Visa permits, accommodation and any additional services. The Academy has agreements and agreements with students and student hotels.


Every year the Academy carries out orientation activities in entrance and during the course to respond to the requests of the user both in an initial phase of knowledge, both during the stay.
A dedicated tutor accompanies students weekly throughout their studies.


All the educational activities provided by the study plan (lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.) can also be followed in live streaming, according to the course regulaztions. The student can, once fulfilled the 75% attendance requirement on any teaching, review the recording of the lessons at any time.
Courses and workshops in presence are always held with less than 25 students in the classroom, with a direct relationship with teachers and tutors.


Students have access to a student office open from Monday to Saturday, where they can choose their course of study, view/change their study plan, make payments, sign up for an exam, etc. The efficient cloud system of scheduling, communication, booking and authentication, strictly set up within the Google Workplace digital system guarantees the uniqueness of the credentials to be used and the identity of the participants, allowing the community of students and teachers to carry out disciplinary activities as if they were all present in the same environment.
Each student has an academic mail account and free Wifi access.


Thanks also to our Artists Development Centre and the resident companies within the Creative Hub Bologna, students and graduates are suitably guided in the transition from study to the world of work through a regular dialogue with the staff responsible for the outgoing orientation. Also through internships and experiences in companies in the sector.


In accordance with statutory principles, the Institute guarantees the right to education and education of persons with specific learning and disability in the course of its institutional activities, in order to ensure the exercise of the fundamental right to study and to promote full respect for human dignity, the rights of freedom and autonomy of the individual and to promote their active citizenship and full inclusion in society.


The Academy promotes cultural and recreational activities aimed at improving the quality of life and well-being of students.


The Academy offers support services to students with particular attention to the specific needs arising that may worry off-site students and/or foreigners (housing search, international student assistance, student and alumni association, student spaces, DSA and disabled assistance, computer sharing, etc.). To date, the Institute offers agreements with the students Camplus, Social Hub, Coop Archiginnasio and Camping Citta di Bologna (Bungalow).


The Academy guarantees a series of agreements related to the purchase of technologies, software, musical instruments, video and audio shooting instruments, hostels and student halls.


The centrality of the student is testified by the presence of a representation in the Organs assigned to the government, control and quality as the Academic Council and the Student Council. )