Scolarships for our international students

Scolarships and applications


Our main objective is to ensure development and growth opportunities for our students through the quality of our courses and initiatives supporting the right to education, technological innovation in information systems, supplementary tools we provide, support for job searching, and mobility for our students both in Italy and at the European and international levels. Our proposal aims to meet the market demand for higher education and professional training in various fields related to new technologies and emerging professions. Music Academy has always been committed to creating a stimulating learning and teaching environment, centered around our state-of-the-art campus in Zona Roveri, Bologna. We offer our instruction to students to help them acquire high-level skills and capabilities, as well as broader perspectives to enhance their roles in society. Funded courses and scholarships represent our commitment to ensuring access to our institution in various forms and modes for all those who desire it.


Before march 30th Early Bird = 10% discount and access to merit scolaships

Before June 30th = 10% discount and access to merit scolaships


Scholarships of Merit (Higher Education) OPEN CALL: Music Academy offers the following Scholarships to students enrolling in the programs of Higher Academic Education:

  • 5 scholarships worth €500 each for students enrolling in the 2nd year of Bachelor’s degree.
  • 5 scholarships worth €500 each for students enrolling in the 3rd year of Bachelor’s degree.
  • 5 scholarships worth €500 each for students enrolling in the 1st year of Master’s degree.

Criteria for awarding and disbursement: Scholarships will be awarded based on a scrolling ranking list. The ranking list will be compiled in relation to the following three criteria (minimum admission threshold of 75%), to which a weighted score will be assigned:

  • Theoretical-practical skills (40% of the total score): Assessable competencies resulting from an attitudinal interview with the tutor and a general questionnaire on artistic culture.
  • Average markings obtained in the previous academic year’s exams (40% of the total score).
  • Registration date (20% of the total score): A higher score will be assigned to those who first formalize their enrollment for the year 2023/24 by making the deposit. Deadline: June 30, 2023, at 6:00 PM.

Scholarships will be disbursed at the beginning of the academic year to which the scholarship applies. To be awarded, students assigned to the scholarships (the top five in the ranking) must meet the following requirements:

Successfully pass all exams from the previous year.
Fulfill the agreed economic/administrative requirements.
Students who fail to meet these requirements will lose the scholarship benefit, which will be awarded to the next student in the ranking.

How to participate in the call for applications: All those who formalize their enrollment within the specified terms and conditions will be admitted to the call.