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Pedagogy and curriculum

Music Academy aims to create a stimulating learning and teaching environment, based in the state-of-the-art Music Academy facilities in Bologna. We offer our students high quality teaching, but also wider perspectives to improve their role in current society. Music Academy aims to offer high-quality higher education experiences which can transform lives. We have a remit for widening participation and employability.

High quality specialist facilities

Music Academy’s campus is newly located in an industrial park area of Bologna (Unesco City of Music) , with good public transport links. Since its opening in 1999, Music Academy has offered the best facilities for students interested in developing a vocational, hands on approach to music and the performing arts. The brand new facilities (opened in September 2014 within the Zona Roveri Music Factory premises) offer 1500 square meters for students to develop their projects. With its 16 high-end rehearsal studios, 2 recording studios, dance studios and its live club/ theatre (holding over 600 people), Music Academy has become well known nationwide for its industry-relevant facilities.

Music Academy Vision / Mission

“The Music Academy experience is thought for students who think FORWARD, who are imaginative and are willing to create, through their passion, GREAT MUSIC”.

Music Academy will continue to be one of the most important and innovative music academies in Italy, strengthening its historical values and combining them with new possibilities offered by the new premises and the latest technology. This leading position within the national scene gives a great responsibility towards our students and an ongoing challenge for our team, in achieving a level of excellence. Our vision is meant to be shared with all members to better understand the objectives of our initiative.


Our Courses and Qualifications



_Performance (vocals and all musical instruments);

Performing Arts (coming soon)


These exams, quite similar to the well known “Grade Exams”, are designed for students interested in developing specific skills. A strong technical profile focused on musicianship and performance.
Each exam is EQF framed (EQF2, EQF3, EQF4 and EQF5) and can be used to progress into a full Qualification.
Our Single Exams don’t require an external examiner but are properly run by local schools according to Quality assurance procedures.




_Performance (vocals and all musical instruments);
_Technology & DJ.

Disegned for students over 14 interested in obtaining a Qualification at Level 2 (EQF3).
 Entry requirements: Grade 3 practical and theorical.




_Performance (vocals and all musical instruments);
_Technology & DJ.

Designed for students over 16 interested in obtaining a Qualification at Level 3 (EQF4).
Entry requirements: Grade 5 practical and theorical.




_Performance (canto e tutti gli strumenti);

Creative Media Production:

_TV & Video.

Performing Arts:


Disegned for students over 18 interested in obtaining a Qualification at Level 5 (EQF5).
Entry requirements: Grade 8 practical and theorical.



_Music (all departments);
_Creative Media Production (all departments);
_Performing Arts (all departments).

Designed for students over 18 interested in obtaining a Degree at Level 6 (EQF6).
 Entry requirements: Higher National Diploma or equivalent at EQF5 and English language exam (Ielts 6.0 or equivalent).


Students’ visa

We offer our international students a “Letter of Offer” service to request a 3 years Student Visa. Please contact us for further informations.

Housing and students service 

Housing and students services are available for our students. Please contact us for further informations.



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